Most swimming pool cover manufacturers have the ability to make a custom cover. There are 2 ways to go about this.
1. The first way is to fill out a custom pool cover measurement form. The form will give the manufacturer the size, shape, and specifics of your pool for a new cover. The cover will be made to your supplied specs. 
2. The 2nd way is popular if you have already have a pool cover and would like to have your new cover made to the exact same dimensions. This is great if you have pre-existing anchor locations in your deck and you want the new cover to match up with those anchors. This is easy to do and only requires that you send in your old pool cover. The manufacturer will use your old cover as a template and this ensures all your existing anchor points will match up with the new cover!  

These pool shapes will require a custom pool cover:


Pool Cover Measurement Service

We recommend working with companies that provide a pool cover measurement service that meets these requirements.

*Please note most companies will not send back your old cover and hardware. Also, most companies will dispose of the old cover as well. Your new cover will be sent out with new hardware!

How It Should Work:

  1. Place an order for a  pool cover and ask for our pool cover measurement service.
  2. The company will mail out a shipping bag.
  3. Once the shipping bag arrives, remove the springs and any other removable hardware from your cover. Any hardware left on your cover will not be returned.
  4. Spray your cover with a hose to remove dirt and debris and allow it to dry completely.
  5. Verify that you have received an RMA number or Return Authorization Number with your shipping bag. Please include that number with your cover.
  6. Roll the cover up and place it into the shipping bag. Pull the drawstring tight and tie it so stays closed during shipping.
  7. Please mail your cover back to the address included with your cover shipping bag.

Please Note:

  • Most companies will not be able to match anchors for pool covers that use bungee cables
  • Most companies will not be able to match covers with strap spacing over 6’


Custom Pool Covers